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Berke Tried to Change the US Soldier Image With This Poster

(Published with permission of Margaret Berke for “information use only.”

Margaret “Meg” Berke was handing out the posters to a few at the Venice Memorial Wall the other day and Update asked to have a copy and the story. She talked of the bad image the American soldier was given back in the days of the Vietnam War and how she and a few others wanted to change that image. The poster hangs in the Smithsonian Museum in Washington D.C.

“We created the poster as a thank you to the military and wanted to create an ongoing conversation within all media outlets re:how to change the over all image of the US soldier,” she said. “As you probably remember, the media and those connected to the anti-war movement, blamed the soldier for our insurgent movement into Southeast Asia. This was incorrect. The government, politicians and voters were responsible for the war in Southeast Asia. Not to mention the oil and communist consortiums. So, being an Image Consultant, in the Fashion Industry, I and a few others within the POW MIA movement, decided to change the Image of our Military Soldier.

“Our poster is the vehicle that we used to speak directly and quietly to the media about how the media needed to correct this image of soldiers in our military as bad guys. This poster was a vehicle to change the bad image our society had at the time of the Vietnam Conflict.

“I am the model in the poster.

“My brother-in-law was a POW. He was released on the last outgoing plane of returned POW’s in 1972.”

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