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Venice Update

News of Venice, CA and Marina del Rey CA

Arnold Springer Speaks of Election

By Arnold Springer

To: Concerned Venice people
Subject: Venice Neighborhood Council Elections.

Hello to you Venice people;

I received on my gate two days ago the throw-a-way newspaper from Venice Neighborhood
Council announcing its elections for June 5, with voting at the Oakwood Recreation Center
on California Ave and 7th Avenue. 10 am to 6 pm.

I also received a ‘neighborhood alert’ yesterday from ‘Venetians for Venice’ organized by my friend Marc Ryavec.


For further clarity on this issue of ‘big box development’ that is ongoing like in a storm now here in Venice (three huge boxes in my own neighborhood approved ‘by right’ based on the VSO in the last year alone!!) you might want to attend the -pre election Candidates Forum: June 1 and June 2 Westminster Elementary School 6 pm to 9 pm.

Ask pointed questions!

This referendum is not about art or ephemeral ‘unity’.. It is about rapacious over-development.

Three very recently approved projects destined for my own neighborhood by L.A. City Planning, but fought by neighbors and by the VNC Board majority & majority of its Land Use and Planning Committee
are now being built or in the pipeline. They are supposedly single family houses but are designed by their various architects so as to be easily converted into duplexes or Air B&B and or short term rentals. .

They are actually gigantic and dwarf all the houses on our block and the surrounding blocks. Anyone with eyes and feelings can see and viscerally feel how they destroy the current architectural ensembles which are harmonious and how they destroy the streetscapes where they are plopped. They are all between 3,500 sq feet and 4,500 square feet. My own two story craftsman is, by comparison, 2,300 square feet and two stories or 27 feet high.


The election choices for candidates by Arnold have been removed. Email Arnold if you want his selection. I am not allowing anyone’s slate to be broadcast.

You may know me. I was an activist almost constantly with the Venice Town Council from 1972 until its demise, and as well with the Venice Neighborhood Council for many years having served several stints on the Land Use and Planning Committee.

For me this election is more and more about ‘big boxes’ for wealthy speculators / investors and high paid business people and executives, overdevelopment on the commercially zoned parcels, and not about trying to preserve the physical ambiance of Venice. It is not about the Arts. All the candidates that I support are also supporters of the arts in Venice.

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