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What’s Wrong With People; What’s Right With These Americans

(Photo by Stewart Oscars.)

Earlier this week the Memorial Wall on Pacific Avenue listing 1275 American men and women missing in action (MIA) in Southeast Asia was graffitied. It appeared to be a cowardly, dishonorable, sacrilegious act. But, on this Memorial Day weekend, to desecrate the names of those who served and gave the ultimate for this country, there were no words to fit the deed.

Last night a news cast carried the story. Jon Scudder, an ex-Marine, heard it and got paint and graffiti remover from Home Depot this morning. He started to work and the people came. They came until 3 pm when it was cleaned. There were five news stations there at 3 pm. The LA Times also carried the story this morning.

Judy Baca, muralist and cofounder of Social and Public Art Resource Center (SPARC), told one newscaster that it would be taken care of by local artists now.

Jon Scudder.


right 2



(Four photos by Yolanda Gonzalez.)


The wall may not look the best right now. But it will be better than ever. It showed all what is great about Americans. It’s a great country because of great Americans. Look at them removing that graffiti out of respect for those names on the wall.

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