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Venice Update

News of Venice, CA and Marina del Rey CA

LUPC Will Meet Tuesday, Foursquare

Land Use and Planing Committee will meet Tuesday (31 May) at 6:45 pm, Foursquare Church, 1400 Riviera Ave. Normally, LUPC meets First, fourth, and fifth Mondays but because of Memorial Day.


Proposed Motion from Neighborhood Committee on Sidewalk Requirement for Venice

Update on City Council’s draft Short-Term Rentals Ordinance


1900 Penmar Ave (3 lot small-lot subdivision with 3 new 3-story SFD’s)

720 Angelus Place (demo of SFD & construct new SFD)

514 Santa Clara Ave (demo 2 SFD’s & construct new 3-story SFD)

551 Indiana Ave (2 lot small-lot subdivision with 2 new 3-story SFD’s)

115 Park Place (demo 2 uninhabited units & construct new SFD)

15 Westwind St (remodel & addition of 4-unit apt bldg with request for height adjustment)
(may be continued)

Comments (4)

  1. Nick (not-Antonicello)

    Nick, I apologize if you’re concerned that people will mistake me for you. I assume that’s your concern as you haven’t called out any other one-namers on this site.

    You’re right, I do not want my last name put out there. If only I had the luxury of not being exposed, as a Venice business and property owner, to the risk of retribution from the a certain group of people in Venice who have nothing better to do with their days then show up at hearings. You may think I’m cowardly or paranoid, but in my experience, and in the experience of many others, these people are bullies. They bully business people and homeowners as well as city officials, if you try to do anything they don’t like. They lay claim to the moral high ground, but God help you if you cross them. I can’t risk my financial wellbeing by becoming a direct target of their ire.

    My posts are obviously opinionated, but I lay out facts and then offer my interpretation. The MSC facts are that it took 2 years, FAR is a key component, applying FAR is a 10 second calculation, the initial draft included a 45% FAR with no acknowledgement of smaller lot sizes, its seems logical that the chair of the subcommittee would not put out a draft with proposed terms that she did not support and encourage, Ms. Kaplan and Rudisill have been working hand in hand on this as well as numerous appeals, there was a huge backlash to the 45% far almost immediately, now it’s being characterized by two of its most significant proponents as just a “draft” and not indicative of what they really think it should be. Didn’t Donald Trump put out there that all Muslims should be banned from entering the US and then when it didn’t go over well, he said it was just a “suggestion”? Seems very similar to what Sue and Robin are saying about the MSC report. Same tactic, different end of the political spectrum.

    • Nick Antonicello

      The reason why I posted is that one of the people you decided to criticize confronted me at this week’s LUPC meeting. As a fairly frequent attendee of these meetings it would be logical on her part to ask if those were my comments. Anyone who knows me also knows I sign my full name to all my comments on Social Media. I have been highly critical of our Council member and I have a right to make my opinions known. I also realize when you criticize an elected official or public official you run the risk of being shut out to a certain extent and that’s fine with me. By leaving an incomplete name regardless of your status in the community is cowardly and if you can’t be accounted for, I suggest you stop posting or use another name since many people thought in fact your words were mine. I would appreciate that revision or at least using an initial after the word Nick (Do not use the letter “A”).

  2. Nick Antonicello

    Someone is posting simply as Nick with no last name. I would hope that posters properly identify themselves so that there comments would not be confused with others. For the record I would never post anything without my full name. It is cowardly to attack those who serve without offerin an identity.

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