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Pacific Palisades Enlists OPCC and Gets 14 Homeless Off Streets

Pacific Palisades with a population of almost 23,000 had a homeless population of 206 for the year 2015, according to the Los Angeles Homeless Services Authority (LAHSA) 2015 count. Pacific Palisades Outreach Team, which raises the money, enlisted OPCC (formerly Ocean Park Community Center) of Santa Monica to help with services for their homeless. So far this year, and the chart tells the story, the OPCC Pacific Palisades Outreach Team has gotten 14 homeless persons off the street in the last four months as shown.

PP Homeless_edited-2

Comments (4)

  1. What I meant to type in one of my last comments is we need to start learning to “co-exist”. We need to stop shoving this homeless issue down someone else’s backyard. Let’s start building housing for the homeless and low income here in Venice California.

  2. Let’s stop bashing each other to bits, it’s getting nowhere. Homeless or not, and people of all races, and backgrounds deserve the best in Venice California. Let’s start opening our hearts to the homeless and let Venice become what it’s meant to become: A place where anyone can co-exit. Stop pushing people out of Venice to suit your own agendas. The time is now! Unless we band together in unity we all fall together in disparity.

  3. This can be done also just blocks from the Boardwalk at Venice Beach. With Jerry Brown pumping money into our economy this is a plus for what some stubborn folks call “pathetic”. Social services isn’t a mafia. It’s supposed to be about helping people. And Venice is going to be the homeless helper hub of the world. Support the cause as if your children or your own “housed” families could be homeless. Support it like you do for your neighborhood school. Some people I am hearing are moving out of Venice just because they are sick and tired of seeing homeless people, people of color, and latinos lingering around. The majority of Venetians support low income housing and homeless housing, as well as social support services in Venice. Simply because it’s the right thing to do. Let’s make Venice great again the democratic way!

  4. Sounds great! We need more social services in Venice like this as well as more low income housing and housing for the homeless. This can be done near Venice Beach, and in and around Venice. Westminster Elementary School can be used also as an independent living center teaching courses on weekends and evenings. We can’t let these rich gentrifiers look us “dead pan” in the eyes and tell us low income people and the homeless to get lost. We want to do it here in Venice and live out the rest of our lives in Venice. We can do it together and live in peace and harmony with one another, homeless, low income, and even these so called “travelers” I keep hearing about which are really just people who came here and ended up being homeless in Venice. I’m sure if parents at Westminster Elementary banded together like they do for their children’s education like Katrina said in her article, we can learn to co-exist in peace. We can live in harmony with each other like it was supposed to be.

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