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Venice Update

News of Venice, CA and Marina del Rey CA

Candidates Chat at Meet and Greet

Meet and Greet

Candidates at the Meet and Greet munched and chatted with the voters and other candidates Tuesday for a couple hours on Rose behind the Ale House.

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  1. And what I mean is by where your head is Kip is it’s in a land you made up in your head. And in your land it’s filled with anti homeless propaganda to ensure Venice doesn’t become this later on but it’s too late Kip because Venice is about freedom for anyone. Does it hurt Kip that homeless people bath in Venice Beach waters more often than you do? Stop bashing and start helping Kip.

  2. Kip, your head is somewhere it shouldn’t be right now. Kip you are just uninformed about what is really going on in Venice right now. Homeless lives matter and it’s not “your” Venice California. It’s not just for the rich and well off. It’s basically for everyone to enjoy. This is America Kip. I’m hearing left and right about people dictating where the low income, homeless, and latinos and blacks should live. This isn’t a dictatorship. We are not going backwards in time with red lining. Jerry Brown is pumping our economy up for more social services in Los Angeles. Venice is now the homeless helper hub of the world. Welcome neighbor.

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