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Architect Says Oxford Triangle Specific Plan at Risk


Note: Dan Whalen is an architect, 30-year resident of Oxford Triangle,
and worked on the creation of the Oxford Triangle Specific Plan.

By Dan Whalen
The City of LA is in the process of demolishing the maintenance yard
structures located at the end of Thatcher Avenue. I’m advocating that the
city keep this land for future municipal needs or zone it for
single-family homes, consistent with the rest of the neighborhood.

Recently, however, a proposal for an artists’ residential colony was
circulated. The problem with any housing development is that it will
generate lots of unwanted traffic on our narrow residential streets, since
this property is landlocked within our single-family neighborhood.

The “artist’s colony” proposal was circulated by real estate broker, Sandy
Bleifer, and a Minneapolis-based developer. This project will certainly be
a multi-story complex with several hundred units, similar in size to the
Jefferson or Mirabella apartment complexes, but without the direct access
to Lincoln Boulevard.

For over 20 years, the Oxford Triangle Specific Plan has provided our
single-family neighborhood with protection from the traffic associated with
more densely zoned properties located at the southern portion of the Oxford
Triangle. Let’s not sacrifice our quality of life with a
multi-story/high-density project located in the heart of our single-family

Comments (2)

  1. reta

    Inputed by Reta for Heather Kahler. The artist colony? Seriously? From a realtor I have never heard of on the Westside and a minus polis developer? Next these two individuals will want to open a film company like everyone else with stars in their eyes.

    Stay away from our neighborhood greet starry eyed developers! I am an artist and own my own home here. I so to need a colony… There are plenty of artists lofts and such allllll over Venice.
    What the marina doesn’t have much is single family housing. I am totally with Dan Whalen. The ONLY thing that should go there are single family homes. I think there should be a law that developers have to live in catastrophes they create, not fill their fat wallets in traffic free midwestern states while we all suffocate with one person per square foot in marina venice. One threat after another. Nothing but greed and lack of respect for those who actually build their LIVES and FAMILIES here. Marina del Rey and Venice is not a trendy fad to everyone with dollar signs in their eyes. Some of us here are multigenerational with roots and history and lives and families and children. It’s like New York already at the end of thatcher near the maintenance yard. It’s pathetic how our beautiful lands are misused overused and decimated with greed and way too many people and apathy in our local give leadership and coastal commission and DBS. No one knows how to say “we have enough, we need stop before we ruin the very thing that made this area great to begin with.” Oh wait. I was only dreaming.

  2. Angela McGregor

    As a resident of the Oxford Triangle, I wholeheartedly agree. Sadly, it seems Mr. Bonin has his heart set on using the lot for homeless housing (per Kip Pardue’s interview with him). The maintenance yard sits on a cul-de-sac with no adjacent egress onto Admiralty or Lincoln — a very dangerous, ill-advised place to house dozens of sick, needy people.

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