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Jim Murez Comments on Heidi, Bonin

Heidi vs. Bonin… I too have received messages in which the Councilman starts off stating “Those claims are simply untrue.” Yet, from my prospective, every word I wrote, was spot on. At this point I have given up, and in my mind, we can agree we disagree; that’s all that can be said.

Creating Conditions We are Trying to Fix
My view much like Heidi’s … we are providing a lot of services in Venice that are creating the very conditions we all want to fix. If a homeless person can get all the services they need while getting to live in one of the most desirable locations in the city, why move elsewhere, why get off the street.

The councilman has his own agenda which needs to be challenged in forums like this but at the end of the day, I suspect a law suit will be the only thing that will stop this nonsense.

Props A and AA for Venice Parks
Take the dog park for example… the City defines Rec’s and Parks as a recreational use for the public. A percentage portion of all build and safety permits provides the funds for maintaining park property. Additionally, Prop “A” and Prop “AA” both earmarked funds to be spent on specifically Venice Parks. These were voter approved funds… To now shift what services the park will provide from recreation for the general public into personal property storage, a residential or industrial use for one segment of the population, in my mind is a misappropriation of funds. The City cannot collect the funds in the name of parks and then convert it to another use, it just not legal in my mind.

Venice Has the Burden
The accumulated impact of services in Venice compared to (and I’m guessing here) any other part of the City except for perhaps downtown is very far out of balance. In a public process ALL homeless and affordable housing services need to be inventoried to truly understand just how out of balance things really are. The region of Venice is only a couple of square miles, how many HUD and VCHC housing units… And how many and what homeless services are here? Now let’s compare other parts of the City, take CD11 first since our Councilman has more control over these areas. Brentwood has zero, Westwood almost zero unless you consider student housing for kids part of the affordable housing issue, Palisades near zero. Now step into Century City, Homby Hills, Bel Air or just about any other WLA region – the scale is way out of balance!

How About 13 Acres on Corinth?
And why not consider the 13 acre site in WLA as a perfect location for all the homeless services and affordable housing now being proposed in Venice? 1645 Corinth Ave. 90025, the home of the Councilman’s field office and WLA Police Department. What’s there now, an abandoned court house building for over 15 years and an empty parking lot. (Besides the VA is less than 1/4 mile for this site.)

In my opinion Councilman Bonin does not get enough push back from Venice. And as a longtime supporter of services like the Venice Family Clinic my generosity and compassionate feelings for the needy seem to be back firing.

Enough is enough Mike, time to “rethink” your options!

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  1. Lee

    Nice to read your views Jim, so many candidate statements are too vague and we are left to read between the lines. This Venice resident agrees 100% with what you have written,

  2. No, not a chance. This article isn’t great. The next time Jim you come across anyone in Venice or all over Los Angeles just think, is that person homeless? The next time you see a family playing at Venice Beach having a grand old time just stop to think Jim, are they homeless? Homeless people whether you ilke it or not, have the same rights you do Jim. They will be basking in the sun at Venice Beach and you won’t even know whether they are homeless or not. I say this because Jim, you just want to get rid of the homeless in Venice. The homeless come to Venice Beach waters because of the positive ions there. Don’t you ever see them looking out at the water, just gazing and lost in amazement at what a beautiful place Venice is? Venice isn’t just for you Jim. Homeless People in Venice have rights too. Think of something positive to write about instead of bashing the homeless.

    • heidi

      Why does there have to be so much drama in these headlines? “Heidi vs. Bonin” Really? This is not a prize fight. This is passionate discourse about different perspectives about very real issues. My intention was not to wage war, but to address hypocrisy as I saw it and share a very different opinion. I hope that we can all read people’s opinions without betting on who’s gonna win.

      • reta

        My apology for the headlines. It is not a match but it is a short space for a summary… a header. No this is the time for all to speak and all to listen and savor the dialogue, to learn and act properly. Many excellent points have been made and it is not over yet. These are changing issues that have been sparked by Heidi.

  3. How absolutely wrong this site is to promote anti homeless propaganda. Bashing the homeless isn’t right, and I guess this is where the homeless bashers congregate, here on this site. That is very sad. We need more social services to help the homeless in Venice and keep them here. We need more housing for the homeless here in Venice and low income. You just don’t us low income and homeless breathing down you face. You hate us because you think Venice is your paradise. You are totally wrong, Venice is for everyone.

  4. Judith Wyluda

    Thank you Jim. Excellent commentary.

  5. I’m actually not homeless but I am a defender of the homeless in Venice. I agree, works needs to be done to address the issues and concerns involving homelessness. There is no need for anti homeless propaganda revolving the homeless epidemic in Los Angeles. It’s comes down to wanting to push the homeless out Venice and that is a very sad. When you really think about what is going on in Venice it’s just sad that these new gentrifiers can’t stand living side by side with homelessness, and even latinos and african americans. What on earth is this world coming too! Let go of your hatred against the homeless and of anyone not like you! We live breathe, and die. We are all the same.

  6. Is this what you think when you see homelessness or perceived homelessness in Venice: Is this person homeless? Is he a “stakeholder” in Venice? Does he have a job that can afford to pay for a home in Venice? Does he look homeless? This person who wrote this article is obviously spiteful that homeless people have a voice and are very much a part of the Venice Community. Homeless people can and will frolic in Venice Beach waters whether you like it or not. They will be able to soak up the sunshine at Venice Beach and enjoy the same things people with homes enjoy. They just don’t own expensive property in Venice. You make it seem like were a bunch of free loaders and we are anything but that. Sounds to me like they person that wrote this article is very jealous. My advice is this: Just breathe in, and breathe out. Venice oxygen is free for anyone to breathe. Someone just needs to relax and show some compassion for once.

  7. This article suggests like other articles I’ve been reading about regarding the homeless issue in Venice, is to move out social services, and move the homeless out of Venice. That basically means Mark Ryavec and his followers want Venice all to themselves. Shame on you Mark and shame on this site for promoting Anti Homeless propaganda. People are coming to Venice to be homeless because of many reasons, not just “meth”. Even people with homes have addictions. This whole homeless thing started because of greed anyhow, so we are all to blame. You are going to really drive people out of Venice with this Anti Homeless propaganda. Dookie Faces from YoVenice is one example, and now this site is doing it too. Everyone may not agree with Bonin or want him to lead our community but picking on the homeless is not the way to go. You call yourself stake holders? The homeless in Venice have much more at stake here then these anti homeless advocates who want their homes to sky rocket in value after the BID is in place. Reta, you are one sad journalist for letting these people here mock the homeless.

  8. Susan Beckman

    Bravo Jim!

    Venice Stakeholders attorneys have already filed a legal challenge to conversion of Westminster Center to storage use. They need all our support.

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