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Venice Update

News of Venice, CA and Marina del Rey CA

Kevin Pardue to Councilman Mike Bonin: Ref Heidi Roberts

As we both agreed in our meeting, ending homelessness is the goal. Venice is NOT a neighborhood of NIMBY’s, regardless of how certain players make it sound. We are more than willing to bear a burden – and have for years. That “burden” is part of living in a community.

You are compassionate beyond compare. You are truly working to make change.

But as I think you can see, much of Venice has watched first hand your (and your predecessors’) policies fail repeatedly. When intelligent, caring, long-term residents like Ms. Roberts and Mr. Elliott ask for you to see their positions, it would behoove you to listen. What has been working simply is not working. Your plan is being criticized by those deeply entrenched in the HSP-business (like Ms. Roberts) as well as those who simply live here and have eyes and ears (myself, the other 250 people on this list). We truly want to help, as I told you in person. But the stated goal of “housing first” is being missed widely.

One advantage that you have now is the value of Venice property. Your reluctance to sell and build housing elsewhere seems to be the antithesis of “housing first.” As we said, building all housing for the homeless in South LA is neither fair nor just, but singular focus on Venice is hampering your stated goal.

As Captain Alberca stated yesterday at the CPAB meeting: 90% of the homeless she encounters in Venice are “travelers” and service-resistant. I know you are waiting to hear LAHSA’s numbers, but an LAPD captain who has daily interaction should be considered informed. With numbers like that, will MORE services in Venice help?

You have created a beautiful tautology in Venice…You say there is a homeless problem, then you create incentives for homeless people to go to Venice, and then yell louder about the homeless problem in Venice, creating more services…It’s a great business. Unfortunately, itt isn’t helping people off of our streets and it certainly is not helping the residents of Venice.

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