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Venice Update

News of Venice, CA and Marina del Rey CA

VNC Candidate Meet and Greet, 24 May

Candiate Meet N Greet_000001

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  1. Gabriel Martinez

    And what a shameful story on YoVenice letting a little girl depict homeless people as “Dookie Faces”. Is this what happens when things get rough in Venice? Show some compassion YoVenice. How on earth did this story get published to begin with? Many journalists would have never taken a story like that, and turned it into “Dookie Faces”. YoVenice get a grip and help the homeless out, and stop throwing negative vibes towards the homeless issue.

  2. Gabriel Martinez

    What is the deal with people calling the homeless “bums”. These people that call themselves the stakeholders that want city hood for Venice to happen. Helping low income and the homeless should have been priority from the start. The stakeholders should have been more vocal then about advocating for the homeless, and low income people in Venice. Instead, they embrace a flag for city hood which represents oppression. This is what happens during elections. People start to show their true colors, and people get mean and nasty. Throw away that flag it represents the colors of discrimination and intolerance for anyone not rich and well off. That flag represents pure evil and has yet to include people of all races, and of all different backgrounds.

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