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Rick Feibush of WatchDawg Remembers about St. Joseph Center …

St. Joseph Centrr
This is damage done to the St. Joseph Center in the back. Damage to the house on the other side of the alley was not visible. When talking with the house owner, she said the damage was to the car from flying embers.

Note: This story is in reference to https://veniceupdate.com/2016/05/15/what-is-it-like-living-next-to-st-joseph-center-longtime-venetian-plasencia-tells-what-it-is-like/ of last week.

By Rick Feibusch

One of the reasons that the Venice WatchDawg online became less frequent over the last few years is DIRECTLY RELATED to that move they were forced to take when their old Day Center on Rose was purchased, ripped down, and redeveloped… The problems evaporated with the last truckload that left for Lincoln. A good friend, a well known artist and art professor at Art Center had his studio next door on Rose and has identical complaints plus had to listen to loud “jailyard conversations” all day and clean up dozens of half eaten bagels and doughnuts that the “clients” pitched over the fence into his yard each morning. The surrounding area also was plagued with garage fires that burned garages and destroyed one neighbors classic Buick stored inside one of them. THERE IS NO ROOM FOR SOCIAL SERVICES IN VENICE!!

These programs should be FAR from residents. As I have moved from Venice, I feel for my former friends and neighbors and the newer residents who will soon be learning about the old Ruth Galanter style of shoving this misguided, and mislabeled “help for the poor” up the you-know-whats of Venice residents. We must remember, that mean. dictatorial Galanter was Councilman Bonin’s mentor, and his present plans on this subject just smack of the “Galanterville” slum that she tried to achieve to “keep the Yuppies away” back in the 1990s… There is a perfect storm brewing in Venice now… Available funding, a Mayor and other Councilpeople who need to do SOMETHING about the situation, and Bonin, who is willing to take on the task and build this open-air reservation for mean, lazy young people and folks with mental problems, most with drug/alcohol concerns right in the streets, backyards, and alleys of residents…

I could have written back in the 1990s, almost word for word… After over a decade of Cindy Misakowski and Bill Rosendahl, Ruth is back in spirit… Please support Mark Ryavec and the VSA. They have done so much to keep this stupidity at bay – Mr. Bonin is working on a concern I confronted him with when he was running for Council: How are you gonna build “Silicon Beach” and the “Home of The Homeless” in the same 1.1 square mile area??? Apparently these proposals are his solution…

W A R N I N G !!!!!

As for Silicon Beach, remember that Google is only leasing their facilities in Venice and are presently building a bespoke campus in Playa Vista. Most of the other related businesses are also in rented and leased property. It could all blow away south to Playa Vista (with NO homeless or crazy people services) if not handled carefully and handing land and funding with little oversight to social services who have no problem with lying to the neighbors in the name of the Lord is just plain foolish…

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