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Comments–9 May 2016

Susan Heins
Last spring/summer, the behavior of bar patrons along Washington (near Venice Pier) was out of control. We had several instances of violence and vandalism in the residential area around the bars. We were given assurances that such behavior would be put in check with more beach patrol and a coalition of security among businesses (including bars) along Washington.

Last Sunday, our video cameras recorded two insanely drunk kids staggering down our walk street with a huge glass pitcher of beer (from one of the bars) smash in our fence and our neighbor’s fence. Another neighbor heard these two men yelling and screaming but she was too afraid to do anything. Fortunately, we were not home at the time and it’s probably best that we weren’t.

Last night, a group of extremely drunk kids again staggered down pacific avenue (from the bars on Washington) yelling, screaming, and jumping on cars. It took quite a while for the police to show up.

Debbie, when can we expect greater police presence around the bars? What’s the status of the business security coalition? I have also written to Peggy Thusing, senior lead officer in Venice.

We do not want a repeat of last summer and plead for help!

Debbie Dyner-Harris answered immediately with the following and email was also sent to Clabe Hartley, head of security for Washington Square.

I am so sorry you and your neighbors are experiencing that kind of behavior in your residential neighborhood. I am sharing this with Captain Tippet, the Patrol Captain for the area, who will be able to help address your questions and concerns about the summer going forward. I will also reach out to the business community’s representative, who can share what they are doing as a group to improve safety for their patrons as well as the surrounding community, and connect you with the right person there.

I know it is a challenge living so close to an area so popular with tourists and other visitors, and I thank you for letting us know of your challenges so that we can try to fix them together.

Please let me know if you have any other questions,

Bill Hooey, fair housing coalition
Bill Hooey has been against systematic code enforcement program, and attended a recent meeting in Venice to talk to tenants who were trying to get a tenants union started. Hooey said tenants may unite with landlords in fight to discontinue enforcement of the SCEP on the basis of process being unconstitutional searches without warrants.

Diane and Richard Spurlin
We’ve heard rumors that the BBB may continue its route south on Abbott Kinney — i.e between Venice and Washington Blvds before turning west and into the Marina. We’re all for it. We hate driving to Santa Monica now so it would be a treat to be able to hop on the bus at Garfield.

Steve Freedman
Re: Oxford Retention Basin
The worker you spoke may have been a good source of info concerning when specific stages of construction will be completed in coming weeks, but the website about the project would probably be a better source for information about the project itself.

As to the “curved surface in the middle” being for birds to nest, he is mistaken. The curving stone and concrete berm structure rising above the water line was included primarily as a circulation berm to bring fresh seawater in thru one tide gate then to move standing water toward the other tide gate thru which it will return to the Marina. Better circulation will result in cleaner water, less contamination, and hopefully less algae bloom and smell.

Most of the migratory birds that we enjoy watching in Oxford Lagoon nest in tall trees though the landscaped berm provides a safe place for them to hang out within the Basin.

Heather Kahler


So sad. A good person helps someone and that someone is decent and respectful of the help and the city and heir stupid lack of common sense to assess the situation for it’s own case would rather put this person back out on the street instead. Have a read. Hard to believe.

Susan Sawicki
Regarding return of her dog Fuzzball:
I lost my dog Fuzzball in Marina del Rey on Sept. 14. My dog has an AVID data chip implanted in him with my current contact information. I called AVID the night of the loss and the company placed a Lost Alert on him.

AVID received a phone call on Oct. 2 from a person in re Fuzzball’s chip number. AVID’s phone representative who took that call, would later tell me she failed to get the caller’s contact information at the start of the call. The person called trying to register Fuzzball to themselves, and when told that the chip data is current, in other words AVID recognizes the dog’s owner, the caller hung up.

The call came in on a caller ID-blocked line, therefor AVID can’t tell me the caller’s identity. This much is true. But in fact AVID’s phone company has access to the caller’s blocked identity if the call comes in on AVID’s toll-free line — their 800 line–and if ordered to produce it by a court or agency.

Avid didn’t notify me of the Oct. 2 call. Instead I learned of it on my own chance call to AVID two weeks later. AVID’s position on my question then — Why didn’t they notify me? — was simply and succinctly, they “had nothing to report to me” in other words they didn’t have the caller’s identity.

Not until late November did I learn that AVID failed to get any caller’s contact information at the start, and that affirmatively the caller tried to re-register Fuzzball to themself.

Is it not ___________ to notify me, for AVID not to notify me, that a caller trying to re-register Fuzzball as their own gets away with not revealing their ID to AVID? Get it? Don’t I, in my search for Fuzzball want and need to know what just happened? such information will reshape or modify a search. Something is wrong here. Something smells.

What is AVID’s policy? in at least five phone conversations with AVID and as many employees, the position was they had nothing to report to me. yet my 4th or more call was with the AVID employee who took the Oct. 2 call, and she offered at one point that she failed, at the start of the call to ask for contact information from the caller as procedure requires, and then apologized. keep in mind there was a Lost Alert on Fuzzball at the time. Did she know it? This was the break. My next and final phone call to AVID was with a supervisor. he announced affirmatively that the caller had tried to register Fuzzball to herself. He was the first to say it. Here came a parting of the waters.

Parting of the waters? Every conveyed word can be critical in a lost pet search. so here it is. I learn affirmatively in late November that someone tried to re-register Fuzzball with AVID two months or less prior. But compare as quoted below, for what I believed in early November I was told by AVID about Fuzzball based upon previous phone conversations with employees answering their line, as taken from a post from me to my neighbors:

“In fact Fuzzball is taken not lost. Avis chipmaker got a call in early October from a blocked line and a caller identifying himself by a single name. The caller wanted to know if Fuzzball had a currently registered owner and discovered yes, and then they hung up before Avis could discover anything about them.” (Nov 7, 2015)

November 26 marks the end of communication from AVID as a supervisor tells me someone called trying to register Fuzzball to themselves. I asked for, and got a written memo of confirmation. Every word counts, so an attempt to register is a very different act than “she asked for your information” as an AVID employee earlier said to me and is similar to the thing paraphrased above. (He’s a she.)

Every word counts. Example the caller could be a trafficker or a mere taker, and you do the wordwork please. I had an urgent suspicion of a trafficker from the start. But trying to re-register a taken dog, is I think a mere taker and I kiss the ground to hear this at any late date.

Speaking of late dates, the employee who herself took the Oct. 2 call made the decision not to notify me of that call because she “felt bad”. Is this how AVID works? Seriously?!

From November 26 until December’s end today, I have suffered massive confusion trying to sort out the information as above. Writing this has been like wrestling with a full hose. It is a cage.

If you are reading this paper and know anything about AVID that may help me in this matter please contact me ASAP.

Reta Moser
Most stories go on the internet at VeniceUpdate.com first and many people, who aren’t on the email blast, have great comments. Just do not have time to put here.

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