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Bike Corrals next to short red at corners and crosswalks in Santa Monica

Merchants of Abbot Kinney, headed by Elisa James, along with the council office and department of transportation are checking all the coloring of the curbs on Abbot Kinney after so many discrepancies were reported. Elisa James can be contacted at elisa@abbotkinney.org.

As well as crazy unabashed curb coloring on Abbot Kinney, Update feels that the corrals could be closer to the corners where the red is, and perhaps, be part of the red. Visibility of bikes is better than a parked car. Is a long red curb and then corrals really necessary?

Also, corrals could be next to crosswalk red.

The pictures below show how Santa Monica is handling the crosswalk and corner reds with the corrals.

Bike corral abutting short red at corner.

Bike corral abutting crosswalk short red.

lighted crosswalk_edited-1
Bike corral abutting lighted pedestrian crosswalk and no red.

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