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“Walk with Buddy” Comments Not All True about Oxford Retention Basin

Last issue the Update had an article about the Oxford Retention Basin and walking with Buddy, a worker, who was forthcoming with his statements. Unfortunately, according to Kerjon Lee, Public Affairs Manager for LA County Public Works, there were a few misstatements.

One of the statements was that the county installed new locks and pumps. Not true. According to Lee, the County has installed new automated tide gates that allow for a gravitational exchange of water between the two basins. This is essential to the facility’s flood protection function.

The curved surface with the habitation of “earthen berm” in the middle of the basin is to improve water circulation within the basin and prevent stagnation. As an added feature, the berm is covered with vegetation to provide habitat for birds and aquatic species.

The vegetation in the basin is not both salt- and fresh-water tolerant. The riparian plants (those located near the waterline)are saltwater tolerant, but the plants and trees located in the upper areas are not.

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