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Venice Update

News of Venice, CA and Marina del Rey CA

Graffiti, Graffiti, Graffiti!

There is graffiti park at Windward where people are allowed to graffiti to their hearts content, and yet, there is a proliferation of graffiti in certain neighborhood areas at certain times. Report graffiti by calling 311 or by using the “MyLA311″ app.

Stewart Oscars reports the following graffiti. Saw this tagging/graffiti last evening.

1) is on Abbot Kinney at Woodlawn.
2) Marr St around the corner from Abbot Kinney. French Market building.
3) Fence at Marr and Oxford.
4) Garbage can next to fence in #3.
5) 1915 Lincoln Blvd

If you go to the west side of Lincoln Bl at Nowita and then walk south, multiple buildings are bombed by this criminal using the tags PCH and SONOE.

Look around Venice and her/his destruction is pretty much everywhere.

The City has a $2000.00 reward for identifying criminal tagging. Contact Bonin’s office for details.






Comments (5)

  1. Jesse Kirschner

    Venice taggers are ALL garbage. Nothing original about it. It’s like they look at graffitti booksfrom the past and try to copy the styles! It’s just immature young adults who have no direction in life and can’t understand what real art is. Graffitti is fine..just do something meaningful and original! No ome cares about your little crew! It’s too bad that they write over murals with generic lettering bs. All of them.. just vandals. There is an unwritten law in graffitti when i was a kid that you DO NOT write on residences, cars or anything elese that is not city or government property. They write on our homes and our cars?? I’d better not catch them in the act..

  2. Anonymous

    He poured a whole bucket of paint on the back of my van. It was parked on San Juan just East of Main St. I didn’t see him do it. But amongst the paint splattered on the street was his tag SONOE WMD 2016. I guess he doesn’t know it’s already 2017? I took pics

  3. Anonymous

    Most up in WLA

  4. Anonymous

    Identified at around 5 foot 6inch Latino male in his 30′s around 200 pounds and has a tattoo on his right arm that says East LA, you call that not a threat? I call that a monster

  5. Anonymous

    I’ve caught this kid tagging in my ally but didn’t think he was a threat he’s just an little mexican kid

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