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VNC Candidates Start Their Campaigning


Venice Neighborhood Council (VNC) election is on. Campaigning for candidates is just beginning giving one the notion that because of this competition, this VNC election will well exceed any prior election balloting.

Candidates, get your thinking caps on … Update has heard band, standing on corner with flyers, having a group platform, appearing at meetings and soliciting, motivating your club members, your church members, your class mates, your employees, your customers, Venice business owners … motivate all to the polls. As former Secretary of State Debra Bowen, former Councilwoman Ruth Galanter, and former assemblywoman Betsy Butler said — and then drive them to the poles if necessary; assume nothing.

It looks like several Venetians running are getting in practice for the bigger elections and using Venice as a training ground. What better place to start. Debra Bowen did it and she started in Venice. If one suddenly appears friendly for no reason, he is probably running. Yah, gotta love and respect those who give their all to win a vote.

Election Events to Come:
5 May – Tentative deadline for candidates to submit photos and statements for VNC Election Guide
May – Delivery of the VNC Election Guide throughout Venice and before Candidate Forum
1, 2 June – Candidate Forums
8 June – Deadline for provisional voter supporting documentation
10 June – Deadline to request recount or challenge

Venice Update does not have the circulation of the Los Angeles Times but it is offering all office seekers a platform. Questions have been given out to all office positions except Treasurer, Community Interest/Community Outreach Officer and At-Large Community Officers. Questions were sent to the email addresses given to the election group. If you are running and have not received an email, contact the Update at retamoser@gmail.com. The three running for VNC President–Ira Koslow, Lydia Ponce, and Rick Selan are printed; see https://veniceupdate.com/2016/05/01/update-offers-candidate-platform-with-questions-presidential-candidates-response/

Community Interest/Community Officer and At-Large Community Officers will be asked later this week. Treasurer Hugh Harrison is running unopposed and will not be asked any questions. Responses will be run next week by many of the candidates.

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