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Venice Update

News of Venice, CA and Marina del Rey CA

AirBnB Has Wheels but Doesn’t Move


AirBnB goes mobile, well could be mobile. There were wheels but it didn’t move.

Recently motorhome bus parked in front of Venice Vintage Paradise at 2304 Abbot Kinney Blvd.

Owners Jeanie Reynolds and Sal Torres knocked on the door and to make a long-story short it was an AirBnB rental to a lady from Europe. Lady didn’t know anything other than she had rented the motorhome.

Wouldn’t have been so bad but it was there for a week. Not good for business. One could neither see the sign nor the store.

The motorhome owner came and Sal tried to talk with him. Owner said he lived in the canals and would park where he wanted to park.


Motorhomes have been collecting on Abbot Kinney between Venice and Washington Blvd.

Comments (3)

  1. Gabriel Martinez

    The city of Los Angeles doesn’t enforce if because it would also ban travelers who come visit Los Angeles and stop by Venice. The bottom line here is it’s still free to park wherever you want in Venice so long as you follow the laws of street parking. People from all over come to Venice and love the free atmosphere here. With all this judging going on about every little thing people complain about I’ve been reading people aren’t recommending Venice as a tourist destination. I’m sorry, but the bottom line here is Venice is loosing it’s vibe and loosing residents. The only people left in the end are going to be the complainers locked up in a gated private community in Venice chock full of cameras watching you 24/7 and laws and regulations that would suffocate anyone wanting to be traveling to Venice. Thank goodness freedom is free. Oxygen is still free in Venice and the skies are so beautiful here.

  2. Nick

    They should ban RV parking on streets throughout the city. Other places in SoCal do it. That or the people on that stretch of Abbott Kinney need to get the no over-6 foot parking at night signs installed. Someone has to do the footwork though.

  3. Lee

    There are so many problems with allowing people to live in motorhomes on the streets. This story highlights a few. So many rv owners have no sense of decency when it comes to where they park, these are our hard working local businesses and if the public can’t see their stores or signs from the street it can really impact a business’ bottom line. They pay higher rent to be on a main street with good visibility. I hope they called Bonin’s office with their concerns, not that I have any hope he’ll change anything, but the city seems to think it’s hunky dory to have all these rvs on the street. Jeanie and Sal should look into getting a no over-sized parking sign in front of their store!

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