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Comment Time for Mansionization — Mass, Scale, Character Document


Two public comment periods will be held for the proposed Mass, Scale, and Character document that will be presented to the Venice Neighborhood Council at the May meeting. This is the document that could help shape what Venice looks like in the future.

First meet will be Thursday (28 April), 7:30 to 9:30 pm at Foursquare Church, 1400 Riviera Ave, 90291; second meet will be Monday (2 May), 7:30 to 9:30 pm at Vera Davis Center, 610 California Ave, 90291.

Architect and member of the committee David Hertz wrote “Members of the Architecture and Design community are encouraged to participate and to have reviewed the proposed recommendations. If you have not emailed Sue Kaplan, committee chair at chair.massandscale@venicenc.org, please do so as your comments will be included in the public record and will be appreciated.

“In as much as you are all involved in shaping the built environment in Venice, your input is very important, although this document needs approval from the VNC and will only be advisory, it could potentially represent what the “ community” feels is appropriate and help shape other planning documents in the future including the LCP which is in the process of being developed. This document could lead to significant impacts to reduce residential projects in Venice for better or worse depending on your position.”

See Darryl Dufay’s critique of document at https://veniceupdate.com/2016/04/22/dufay-critiques-mass-scale-character-report/

This is the document that Venetians, made up of homeowners, architects, businessmen, miscellaneous residents, have been working on for two years. Their purpose has been to define mass, scale, and character for future buildings in Venice without disrupting the Venice Specific Plan and without overlapping the RecodeLA that is presently ongoing. These people and many others have been at this project as an ad hoc committee of the Venice Neighborhood Council, headed by Sue Kaplan, for two years.

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