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Venice Update

News of Venice, CA and Marina del Rey CA

311 Now Works in Triangle

Several members of the Oxford Triangle could not dial 311. Peter Griswold spearheaded the project and John Gregory, legislative director for Mike Bonin’s office, got into the act to help facilitate a solution.

It appears Frontier took over Verizon in the area and that problem was resolved with Frontier for land lines by 311 Director Donna Arrechea. Cell or mobile communications was another factor thrown into the pot Friday but resolved that day. Arrechea is now aware of land and mobile problems and can solved them all if any Venetian is having a problem.

Reta Moser was one of those cutoff from using the 311 number on her cell phone. “I thought they cut me off intentionally because I was going around the City reporting, reporting,” Moser said. “Joking. To make a long story short, I had marked ‘Enhanced 4G LTE services’ on my cell phone mobile data info settings. The enhanced marking makes voice reception better but cuts off 311. I had AT&T trouble shoot it and got back to 311 director who was trying to resolve situation. Removing check mark for cell phones and the work the 311 people did for land lines should resolve all problems now.”

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