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Venice Update

News of Venice, CA and Marina del Rey CA

Comments–11 April 2016

Amy Alcon
This is really valuable information. I saw a woman on my block — at 4:30 a.m. — folding up a tarp she’d been sleeping on and coughing like mad. I wanted to bring her out some tea and food and cough medicine, but then I started worrying that she could have TB. I’ll be at LA Times Festival of Books this weekend, and imagined myself infecting people who infected people who infected people, so I didn’t go out. But I felt terrible about it, and it’s good to have this as a resource.

Enhanced Outreach: 211 and Venice Forward
People concerned about homeless neighbors or people in crisis living on the streets can log on to www.VeniceForward.org to ask a service provider to respond. Residents may also call the County’s 211 line, and after selecting their language, dial 7 to be connected to a community resource adviser. The person who picks up is trained to collect information and, like the web form, get this information to the head of the coordinated outreach team for a social service based response.

Here’s Lance Christenson from the Reason Foundation on the plastic bag ban:


Comment: If you have a homeless person in dire need, call 310-482-6600 and ask for SB82 Mobile triage team.

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