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Venice Update

News of Venice, CA and Marina del Rey CA

Rain Wets Green Expo 2.0


Water was definitely a big subject at the Green Expo 2.0, as was the rain, which continued throughout the day.

There were trees and seeds to be given out, booths for all kinds of solar, booths for using your waste water, and there was a booth for making water, fully ionized, from humidity (islandsky.com). Of course, there was a Tesla and motorcycles that were battery powered. There were lectures throughout the day by noted environmentalists.


Liz Grosson, newly appointed water policy advisor for Mayor Eric Garcetti, said her job was to make saving water easier, more efficient and provide a sustainable plan.

We must figure out ways to capture water on site, contain storm water runoff and prevent it from flowing into the ocean. Storm water runoff is contaminated. We need to contain it and recycle it. Orange County, she said, drinks recycled water. Water pumped down from Sacramento is runoff water.

The goal is to reduce water consumption by 20 percent next year and 50 percent by 2050.

She mentioned that it is no longer illegal to have a cistern on your property to capture water and perhaps use this water for fruit trees.

But the most immediate encouragement was that these ground granite yards with a few drought resistant plants would no longer be encouraged or paid for by the City. She wants a yard with mulch, greenery, and perhaps, a self-contained means for keeping it wet. Mulch would contain the water and greenery would keep the temperature down. She said guidelines will be out in June.

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