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Venice Update

News of Venice, CA and Marina del Rey CA

Comments–4 April 2016

Jay Bernie
I believe the “gentleman” with the cannons is a pirate.

Karen Moses
I just had another stranger come up to my door, ring the bell. I did not answer, he walked out, checked out my gate, walked east, then came back and looked at the gate again…then proceeded east and walked up my neighbors drive.

Roxanne Brown


Reta Moser
Regarding former Councilman Bill Rosendahl …
I enjoyed him so much. Once I told him I didn’t agree with his decision. He hugged me and said he knew I didn’t. And we laughed. Always mutual respect. It was a special pleasure to know and work with him. He was a phone call away.

Why can’t all parties, organizations take the same attitude? We are all different. Why wouldn’t we have different approaches, attitudes, ideas to bring to the table. Let’s celebrate the differences. Trouble is that guy holding the gavel is the one who wins. But before the gavel strikes, make your point with consideration. The gavel may strike for you.

… regarding the Political Sissies … they made me very proud. How humble they were regarding what they had accomplished for all of us … My hat is tipped for and to them. And for crying out loud, let’s do an encore. Whoever, and I think it was Liz Wright, set this up, should be applauded. This show should go on the circuit for every young lady, and actually young man, to hear … to hear what these three, four accomplished. Men should take note! These gals are awesome. They have made a difference in our lives.

Liz Wright says the Sissies program was a joint effort between the VNC election committee, the VNC outreach committee, and Linda Lucks. Cheers to you guys who put it together.

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