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Venice Update

News of Venice, CA and Marina del Rey CA

More Candidates File; Some Offices Not Committed


The Venice Neighborhood Council election is just around the corner. Wednesday, 6 April is the last day for a candidate to file.

So far, only the following have committed to run.
President – Ira Koslow, Rick Selan
Vice President – Mark Lipman, Kelley Willis, and Sue Kaplan
Treasurer — Hugh Harrison
Chair, Land Use and Planning – Vytas Juskys, Thomas R. Sauer, Matthew Royce, and Robin Rudisill
Community Officers – Haseeb Rahman, Joe Murphy, Nate Golon, Shep Stern, Glojean Dabbs, Michael Maker, Lisa Werlwas, Colleen Saro, Will Hawkins, Allan Jones, Sylvia Aroth, Mark Saltzberg, Yolanda Gonzalez, Kevin Keresey, Jean Harrington, Noel Gould, Mary Anne Thomas, Gina Maslow, and John Reed
Community Interest/Community Officer — Andrew Bozeman

Offices yet to have any candidates are:
Secretary and Communications Officer

Election Events to come:
6 April – Candidate filing closes 11:59 pm
9 April – Deadline to submit candidate photos and statements for viewing on EmpowerLA.org
13 April – Candidate Orientation
18 April – Deadline to challenge Candidate certification
21 April – Deadline to withdraw candidacy
25 May – Tentative deadline to submit photos and statements for VNC Election Guide that will be hand distributed throughout the VNC area
2 June – Candidate Forum
8 June – Deadline for provisional voter supporting documentation
10 June – Deadline to request recount or challenge

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