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Venice Update

News of Venice, CA and Marina del Rey CA

Comments–28 March 2016

Peter Griswold
Argonaut News printed this in LETTERS page-2 a couple weeks ago.
Over the years I have bid + bought + built on “surplus” properties from the County + City.
Time is not too late for them to dedicate some remaining for low cost + homeless housing.
Government could even TRADE or buy; private properties with more appropriate sites.
Low cost & homeless housing can and should be built much less expensively…..
Quality should be even less that which is built by Habitat for Humanity.
Do not repeat the Taj-Mahal recently done in skid row.
Restrain bureaucracy and restrain high priced designs.
I personally would like to invest in some………especially SRO’s
All urban + suburban areas should have some buildings with basic housing units.
For single= 250 to 350 square feet. For pairs= 400 to 500 square feet.
For child= add 90, then another 60 square feet for each additional.
This is not to ghettoize any area but to spread low cost, basic housing all around.
Peter Griswold Marina Del Rey retired construction estimator

During 1982 in Rampart, working part time, I build a duplex for 1/2 the cost and 1/3 the time as
the subsidize building around the corner.
Basic adult living needs space to sleep, to bathe, to eat.
Previously I volunteered to create an estimate and plan for ALL City tree/sidewalk problems….
See Steve Lopez LA-Times page-2 16-sep-2012
Last February I also submitted low bid to consultants LANI (Los Angeles Neighborhood Initiative) to provide construction management for 143 tree/sidewalk repairs in District-8.

Karen Moses
I just want to inform the neighborhood about an incident that took place early this morning – 3/24/16 approx. 3:50am.

This morning we noticed our front gate wide open, which we always check before letting out the dogs.

I reviewed our video surveillance and found the following:

At 3:40am a 4 door white, long SUV (possibly suburban) passed the front of the house (could be non-related)

Moments later a man (Appeared to be white, wearing black short sleeved short, long green shorts, white socks, black shoes, baseball cap) stepped out from the street onto the sidewalk. He first went towards my neighbors house to the west, but seconds later appeared at my gate, leaning on the gate, while unlatching it (as though he was just looking), he carefully opened the gate wide, to where it would stay propped open. He crept through the yard (at first I thought he was trying to steel our Easter deco) but he basically just peeked into the window, then crept back out the yard, leaving the gate open behind him, and walked east.

Perhaps he was casing the place?

I guess I will call the security company and see if I can alarm that gate?

Reta Moser
Have had several Venetians who have written to say that the Cookie Man cannot sell retail out of his house or fence whether he has “Cottage Food” registration or not. They say he is not zoned for such. See 21 March email or go to https://veniceupdate.com/2016/03/17/the-cookie-stand-goes-pro-in-venice/

Just read Mayor Eric Garcetti’s newsletter and am much dismayed by all the flitter of the twitter in lieu of the facts man, just the facts. WonderCon sounded interesting but the twitter jazz was missing the who, what, when, where for whatever. All just a bunch of hipe for something I might have attended had I known what it was, where it was, and when it was. Asking too much in this day and time, I guess. You know man … just tweet me on #moonhitsrock or #zombiestakeover.

I will arrive early for Thursday’s Honorables (or Venice’s political darlings, classy lassies, dollies of Venice, political cuties … whatever you call them. They have my total respect for what they have done and accomplished.) so I make sure I get a seat. Think this is the best play on the bill for 2016 and I haven’t even seen what is left for 2016. Once, I asked Ruth Galanter why she didn’t run for County Supervisor (I mean she hasn’t held that position yet). She replied that it was the same reason she didn’t run for the legislature. “I am happily retired … .” You know, I can understand but when you have the ability, the gift, it seems like such a waste to enjoy life and not die in office.

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  1. Anonymous

    Ruth Galanter was the worst thing that ever happened to Venice. She retarded creative controlled development in favor of leaving it as “funky” as possible in order to keep the “developers” and “yuppies” away by not doing street/sidewalk repairs and filling the town with homeless and homeless services and controlled the last redevelopment of OFW so it more resembled a penitentiary exercise yard than the quality world renown tourist destination that it could have been. She asked the LAPD to stand down on a regular basis. But worse, she trained her protege and Venice Deputy, Mike Bonin, how to work around constituents and force her agenda upon the town. Much of Venice cheered when she was banished to the Valley… If she had not, she would have finished her undermining the future and been directly replaced by Mr. Bonin.. The Beachhead folks would have been proud!!!

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