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Move Bike Corrals to the Corners?


How about moving the bike corrals toward the corners, rather than in the middle of the block. The result would be more parking. The reason for red at the corners is for visibility and maneuverability. One can see thru bikes easier than a car, so why not use part of the red for the corrals at the corners.

Last week there was an article about the Abbot Kinney Blvd creative curb painting. Elisa James of the Abbot Kinney Association has volunteered to be the point person for the curbing colors. If you have any comments please reply to this article and Elisa will get back to you. Elisa will be contacting the Department of Transportation to get the curb color corrected throughout Abbot Kinney Blvd.

This article questions the necessity for having the corrals in the middle of the block. By the way, the red for the picture shown above is approximately 70 feet. One should know that that much red is not needed. It was red before the bike corral. How much red does this corner really need? And why couldn’t the bike corral fit closer to the corner, leaving room for more parking.

The real question is: Why couldn’t a bike corral be part of a curb setback? And then why couldn’t the corrals be more plentiful on corners? For example if the real setback should be 25 feet, why couldn’t the corral’s 20 feet be some part of that set back?

Bike corrals are installed by the Los Angeles Department of Transportation (DOT) after an application is accepted. Applicants must agree to the maintenance agreement. The agreement is straight forward … one must keep the area clean and no graffiti, etc. A bike corral is a car width and approximately 20 feet in length and can accommodate approximately 14 to 20 bikes

If DOT agrees that the corrals can be part of the curb setback, why not put them on more corners. Perhaps, change the design so they are not so “cumbersome,” “bulky.”

The mayor and councilman want more bike use, more Great Streets. Well!!!!

Comments (3)

  1. reta

    Yes, developers can use four bikes for one car up to a certain percentage of the project. Yes, the 18,000 is really low for in-lieu parking and will be changed with an escalation clause at some future time, which has not been established.

  2. James

    Are developers still permitted to replace required automobile parking with bicycle parking? What about the $18,000 in-lieu fee for required parking spaces? That seems pretty low.

  3. Lee

    Fantastic idea! Let Abbot Kinney be the test street for the city to move bike corrals closer to the corner. As long as people in lower slung cars can see oncoming traffic it should work, particularly on some of the smaller street intersections.

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