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Old Canals Are Leaking

According to Darryl Dufay, editor of Voice of Canals, the old canals north of Washington Blvd are losing approximately one foot per 24 hours.

Dufay says:

Last February 2016, $600,000, was allocated to make the necessary repairs to the culverts (pipes) under Washington Blvd. and to the concrete facing around the tidal gates. Note: The culvert pipes were previously found to be OK, but the concrete around the pipes is cracked and water flows out even when the gates are closed. There are other visible cracks and flowing water in the concrete that are not near the culverts. There are also funds to address any issue with the tidal gates themselves, if any.

Starting time is estimated to be Summer and finish in early Fall. Have not yet seen the specific plans. May take coffer dams, which were constructed when the new tidal gates were installed in 2009.

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