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Abbot Kinney Association, Call DOT; Do Not Pass Go

These photos were taken within just a couple of blocks on Abbot Kinney. It was obvious the gremlins had played with the painting of curb colors to the utter dismay of many a shopper looking for that place to put the wheels. Some of the colors were so deteriorated that one did not know whether it was a joke or a possibility.

It was so confusing to Update that a uniformed Parking Officer was summoned to make the determination. It was a possible red in front of a building with no intersection near. The Parking Officer said it was a definite “No Parking” and was for a possible fire engine. (Paramedic might fit but no way for the big red engine.) The yellow was for loading. Thought all loading and unloading was from the middle on Abbot Kinney. Most confusing.

The Abbot Kinney association should call DOT or email them for help at LADOT.WesternDistrict@lacity.org.

Check this red out. How many cars can be parked here? No intersection. Just a footnote but was going to use this photo with the header “I believe in Angels Too.”

Red and Yellow but why?

This one bleeds red. Around the intersection should not be 30 to 40 feet. Try 15, 16.

Why white? There is no restaurant or valet for anything.

Here are the curb color codes for Los Angeles.

Red: No stopping, standing, or parking.
Blue: Parking is permitted only for a disabled person or a driver of a disabled person.
Green: Park for a limited time.
White: Stop only long enough to pick up or drop off passengers or mail.
Yellow: Stop no longer than the time posted to load or unload passengers or freight.

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