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Venice Update

News of Venice, CA and Marina del Rey CA

The Cookie Stand Goes Pro in Venice

Wesley and Kyle Stuart stand behind the cookie counter ready to service any order for cookies. They sell nothing else. The Stoop is located at 239 Windward Ave., Venice.

This is the store front or hole in the wall, fence but ready for cookie take-out.

Momma always said “Never take cookies from the Cookie Man.”

Well, I am sure Momma would make an exception in this case. These two handsome transplants from Michigan bake cookies in their house and sell them out of their house … retail store (fence)… rectanglular hole in the wall … It’s The Stoop at 239 Windward Ave., Venice.

They sell four types of cookies — coconut cranberry, chocolate chip walnut, peanut butter, and oatmeal maple raisin. You can count on the recipes being hand-me-downs from the Midwest. Now, hours of operation are another story but there is a phone number once you get their card. When the surf ‘s up, the boys are not cooking or selling, they are surfing.

My suggestion was get a bell for when the flap has flopped and a “Gone Surfin” sign for when no one is home. They said with their license for “cottage food” permit they cannot have a sign outside but maybe “Gone Surfin” would not be work related (no pun intended).

They have been inspected and approved by the City. They have to bake the cookies in the house and have to sell them as they are doing outside. All is approved, sealed, and delivered for what they do. They are licensed and have a “Cottage Food” permit.

To some it might be called the hole in the wall, but to others getting the fresh baked cookies, it is wonderful. They are $3 each or two for $5. And yes, there is delivery if you call 310-985-0409.

Wesley is a personal trainer and came to California eight years ago and Kyle is a photographer and came five years ago. Led by the sunshine and the surf they left the Rust Belt but frequently go back.

There were brought up on a farm in Ludington, Michigan and that is where they get their organic wheat. Their family raises the wheat they use for the cookies. Guess that makes it a true family business. Kyle said organic farming is big back in their area.

They opened Valentine’s Day. Their next endeavor is jams and jellies from family recipes.

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