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Venice Update

News of Venice, CA and Marina del Rey CA

Comments–22 February 2016

Heather Kahler
Well it appears more than one kind of tagging issue is happening in our neighborhood. My registration tags were removed for a second time in recent memory by someone. Graffiti tagging , registration tag removal – whoever is doing one the other or both, it’s just another example of the miscreants creeping an crawling through our hard working family neighborhood. Just thought it would be of note for people to check their plates and keep an eye out.

Roxanne Brown
Justin Keller, the founder of startup Commando.io, published an open letter to San Francisco mayor Ed Lee and police chief Greg Suhr.


David Ewing
I agree with Jim Murez that the MTA development should conform to the Venice Local Coastal Program Certified Land Use Plan (LUP). I share his concern that MTA doesn’t feel any obligation to obey our local land use regulations, as was demonstrated when they tried to sell this property in a complicated swap that would have required bending lots of rules to make the deal pencil out.

However, his little diatribe about “‘affordable’ handouts” directly contradicts the very LUP he claims to follow. He raises the specter of the property being used “as bate (sic) for solving the entire City’s housing problem…” when in fact affordable housing is the very first thing the LUP prescribes for this land. It says nothing about providing jobs, although it does say mixed use should be permitted. Here’s what the LUP actually has to say:

Policy I. C. 7. Bus Yard Redevelopment. Should the site become
available, priority uses for the future redevelopment of the former MTA
(formerly Southern California Rapid Transit District (RTD)) bus service
maintenance and storage facility, located on Main Street, between Sunset
Avenue and Thornton Place, include affordable housing, which may be a
mixed-use residential-commercial project, and public parking structure as
a measure to improve public access.

We should make sure our local regulations and policies are not ignored, which also means we should be careful they are not misrepresented.

Comment: Jim’s word was changed to “bate” in the editing process. Should have used a more appropriate word such as a “ploy, reason, diversion” and those too might not have been appropriate. Woe! Jim is talking about the mix.

DeDe Audet
The issue of interest to me and other handicapped persons is whether repairs possible with an asphalt truck will be sufficient for handicapped when considering all of the devices used by handicapped to move along the sidewalk? Has the Department produced any information about what can or cannot be done in order to avoid useless requests?.
I have not been able to survey all of the sidewalks in the Oxford Triangle.

Darryl Dufay
In case you do not get the LA Times or did not read this article on short-term rentals, here it is. Another reminder that there are always new ways to make money.


Doug Fay
If you wanted affordable housing in the Coastal Zone you would be fighting to have it put back into the Coastal Act.

The priority projects for the Metro Bus and Thatcher Maintenance Yards should be to become water treatment and recycling facilities for the Venice Marina area.

You should also follow the recent Downtown Santa Monica effort that has young people cleaning the streets and allies on a daily basi

Peter Griswold’
311 phone line still does not work.

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