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Venice Community Housing Says Senior Center Would Be for Storage, Plus

Becky Dennison, new executive director of Venice Community Housing Corporation, says Venice Community Housing plans to use the Westminster Senior Center primarily for storage but proposal to Recreation and Parks Department also included other amenities for the homeless.

In a previous story (https://veniceupdate.com/2016/01/27/10467/), it was stated that Venice Historical Society wanted the Westminster Senior Center on Pacific for their archives to be used in many ways including possibly a welcome center. Also bidding for the senior center was the Venice Community Housing Corporation. At the time it was not know what the Venice community Housing Corporation planned for the property.

“I wanted to let you know that the proposal we submitted for the use of the Westminster Senior Center focuses primarily on a voluntary storage program for unhoused residents of Venice,” wrote Ms Dennison. “We currently operate a small, mostly volunteer-led program but the need is far greater than our current space and volunteer-only program can accommodate.

“Our proposal also included the possibility of other services at the site, depending on funding and direction from LAHSA, such as showers and restrooms and connections to housing placements and wait lists. As you know, the homeless community in Venice is incredibly underserved and, until we can reach our goal of housing for everyone, these proposed programs could provide much needed services as well as improve the community for all housed and unhoused residents.”

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