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Venice Update

News of Venice, CA and Marina del Rey CA

LUPC to meet 1 Feb, Vera Davis Center; Corrected Agenda

Land Use and Planning Committee (LUPC) will meet Monday (1 Feb),7 to 11 pm, at the Vera Davis Family Source Center, 610 California.

Ezra Gale, senior planning director for Councilman Mike Bonin, will be attending the LUPC meeting tonight to discuss the Mello Ordinance implementation as well as several other “critical CD 11 planning initiatives that will be impactful in Venice,” according to LUPC Chairperson Robin Rudisill. Also to be discussed will be the upcoming Coastal Commission meet in light of the dismissal of the executive director and selection of an interim executive director.

LUPC will hear the following cases tonight:
1. 663 Brooks Ave
2. 512 Rose Ave (“Cafe Gratitude”)
3. 415 Venice Way
4. 549 Westminster Ave
5. 35 Wave Crest Ave
6. 119 Vista Place
7. 845 Victoria Ave
8. 810 Amoroso Place

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