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Billboard Hathaway is on them wherever they are

Dennis Hathaway, Mr. Billboard, is on illegal billboards like a mosquito on fresh skin. Hathaway reported the plywood billboards at the Methodist Church on Lincoln on 12 of January.  As of today, this writing, they have been painted over.

This is reprinted from Dennis Hathaways' site.

This is reprinted from Dennis Hathaway’s site, courtesy of Dennis Hathaway.

Photo taken 29 January.

According to Hathaway, “These signs are illegal and have been cited by the city, but the city’s enforcement is very weak right now so they keep appearing.  People should know that legally permitted signs like this can ONLY be around active construction sites or vacant lots.

“If people see the signs on plywood walls around businesses  or lots that aren’t vacant, they can call 311 to report illegal signs, or send an email to info@banbillboardblight with the location and it will be checked out and reported if illegal.  All email addresses will be kept confidential.”

Here’s a link:  http://banbillboardblight.org/new-scourge-advertising-signs-on-plywood-walls/

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