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Murals Can Die–How?


IMG_0939(Photo courtesy of Stewart Oscars.)  This is Kim’s Market at 600 Mildred.  Photo is on the Ocean Avenue side of Kim’s Market.


Last year the mural ordinance passed allowing, in general, commercial properties and some residential, with permits, to have murals.  One councilman wanted Los Angeles to be the mural capital of the world.  How many of these murals have been graffitied?… Just in Venice.  Is that what is envisioned?

By Stewart Oscars

Criminals tag mural on building leading to death of mural.

Walking around our neighborhoods, I see Venice is under growing attacks by taggers.  Fences, poles, buildings, sewer covers, signs.

Serial tagging is growing……the same tag repeated in different neighborhoods.

We can go online and report locations at LA Graffiti Removal to have them painted over or removed.  It’s easy and fast.

I hear there is an App where the tag can be photoed and sent by lphone.

Do it.

If you have the energy, shoot an email to Mike Bonin, Mike Feuer, LAPD and staffs  (addresses follow) with any ideas for action and requests that this onslaught be taken seriously and acted upon.  This destruction looks horrible and yells that our neighborhoods are open game for destruction.

Bonin: Mike.Bonin@lacity.org

CD11 Rep:  Jesus.d.orozco@lacity.org

Feuer:  Mike.Feuer@lacity.org

CA neighborhood prosecutor:  claudia.martin@lacity.org

LAPD:  Nicole.alberca@lapd.lacity.org






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