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Venice Update

News of Venice, CA and Marina del Rey CA

Home Invasion at Beach

A woman who lives on one of the walk streets near Washington and Pacific had a home invasion Monday (21 December) at 1 am. She was asleep in her bed when a black woman appeared at one of the doorways in her bedroom and mumbled something.

The woman in bed woke up, immediately grabbed her phone, and went thru another door to the garage and called police. Three police cars and a helicopter arrived.

The intruder had gotten into the house thru a doggie door big enough for a Labrador-Poodle mix. There are two such dogs living there, but both dogs would do an “over-love” job on any intruder.

It has since been reported that the woman, who some claim drinks and has a mental problem, has been sleeping in yards on the walk streets.

Regina Weller, Chaplain of the LAPD Homeless Task Force, predicted earlier this month that there would be home invasions as the rains started and the cold weather increased.

Here is the home owners’ account of the incident:

A mentally ill woman came into my house thru the doggie door. The dogs barked like crazy but I thought it was the drunks outside coming out of the bars on Washington. Then she was standing in the doorway to my bedroom mumbling.

I grabbed my phone and went out the door to the garage. Called 911, police came. She was across the street by then and they took her away.

She had set up her bed for the night in my yard with her potato chips and water.

I couldn’t identify her because it was dark in my house so police didn’t book her. She was black was all I knew and she had my outside broom that she was probably using to keep the dogs from kissing her.

Does anyone have experience with electric doggie door locks? They go on dogs’ collars.

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