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Bob of “Looking Up” Column Checks Out “Venice Moon”

photo, Laura and Bob Eklund Laura and Bob Eklund.

Venice Update’s own Bob Eklund of Bob Eklund’s “Looking Up” column peeped at the “Venice moon” at the Venice library last Thursday.

The Venice Library hosted the Star Party, which is a group of astronomers who share their telescopes and knowledge to all those interested. These star gazers set up their telescopes wherever there is a “desire.”

Eklund learned of the Star Party via the Update and revealed that it was his son, Dana who, as a Young Adult Librarian at the LAPL Sylmar Library, started the library “Star Parties.”

“I went, and it was lovely (and cold). I got lost in Venice trying to find the library, would you believe — and after having hosted a star party there myself, not too many years ago. How we forget! I turned onto Abbott Kinney Blvd. (a fascinating shopping district) by mistake, but a helpful Venician pointed me back.

“It was a small party — one lovely telescope pointed at the moon and a small trickle of people, stopping to look as they went into the library. But lo and behold, the astronomer who had brought the telescope was Bob Alborzian, a good friend of mine. He had just given a star party the night before for my son Dana at the LAPL Sylmar branch library.

“Bob is the salt of the earth — a most kind, unselfish person who spends much of his life out on the sidewalks sharing the sky with the people. There must be a special place in heaven for his kind.

“I think the best part of the evening was talking with a half-dozen or so very interesting denizens of Venice, among those who stopped at the telescope to look up. Venice is definitely a special and very creative place (and hard to drive in at night if you’re not familiar with it)!”

According to Bob, he and his son started gazing when Dana was 13. “I bought a used telescope, which we both used, and we both joined an astronomy club that meets at Griffith. Within a year or two, he became much more skilled than I. Incidentally, I later met my present wife Laura through that club!

“Kind of carrying on a tradition, I guess. My grandfather worked for an observatory in Wisconsin, my uncle was an astronomer, and my mom used to get me out of bed at 2 am to watch the Perseid meteor shower when I was 6 years old.

“So far my granddaughter (age 12) hasn’t caught the astro-bug yet, but at least she (along with her mom) is a Star Wars fan.”

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