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Stripping While Eating in Venice

Bahn Mi
Bahn Mi restaurant between the pet store and the cleaners.

By Roxanne Brown

Note: And why shouldn’t Venice Update have restaurant reviews? Back in the old days, one could count the decent restaurants in Venice on one hand and now … so many that they need to be discovered. And who could reveal this scene better than the sleuth-eater herself.

I always wanted to do a column with that title. Because, we can find some extraordinary food in LA’s strip malls. We have just that – Bahn Mi in Venice is in TOP TEN according to the LA Weekly and me – right here in a Venice strip mall!

Just behind La Cabana, tucked in the corner is Bahn Mi. Friends sang its praises, so I walked over to Rose and Lincoln. It’s way beyond delicious. All sandwiches on fresh baked light and flakey baguettes (remember the French were in Vietnam) topped with pickled daikon and carrots/cucumber, fresh cilantro, jalapeno. I had the Go Fish Mi, which is ling cod braised with turmeric and dill: yogurt spring onion and garlic, topped with bean sprouts, drizzled with lemon juice.

That was so good, I came back twice and had the same thing. This past week, I had the breakfast sandwich, Wake Mi: two organic eggs, over easy (or not), house-made chili mayo, topped with veggies and herbs for $8. Melt in my mouth delicious. Others include Moo Mi, Cluck Mi, Veg Mi and more.

I hope to eat my way through the entire menu. The Vietnamese coffee (iced and hot) is delicious. Mexican chocolate and Earl Grey pie comes from the Pie Hole downtown LA. Yum. Homemade tapioca and mung bean pudding topped with coconut cream and chopped nuts is divine: $3.50.

People, run do not walk there. We need these mom and pop places with outstanding food at reasonable prices. Heidi the owner and her staff are friendly. Service is excellent.

Hours are presently 11- 6 with plans to start earlier for the breakfast crowds. For now, if you can, hold off for breakfast until 11 – it’s worth it for the Wake Mi.

310-429-1959 – 307 Lincoln Blvd at Southwest corner of Rose and Lincoln across from Whole Foods. When Gwyneth Paltrow posted her Bahn Mi experience – all phone lines crashed. So, if there is no answer, you know why. The celebs have discovered it, why not you?

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  1. Lee

    The owner was also very helpful with suggestions in making a gluten free selection. (rice instead of a bun) It was delicious, I need to make a return visit!

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