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Downtown Homeless Complex Draws Mention from Joe Murphy


Joe Murphy, member of the Venice Neighborhood Council and head of Vision Committee, brought this complex to the attention of many. What the statement is is uncertain. This is a stunning complex that cost 40 million for 100 units, $400K per unit. Is that cheap or expensive?

“During World War II and after, there was a really big housing crunch,” said Reta Moser. “Many citizens displaced by the war, both during and after, lived in barracks-like structures that had only the bare necessities. Colleges also absorbed the influx of GI vets, following WWII and Korea, by providing similar housing for residents and even class rooms. It just seems more humane to house these people with the bare necessities until permanent housing can be obtained than leave them on the streets. These people do not have to live at the beach. Find land and put these structures up and get these people off the streets.

“How about an old, large building. Set up partitions, have large rest room, shower facilities. Get these people sheltered.

“It is just so sad to see these people who are really homeless suffering as they do. Waiting two to three years for possible housing doesn’t help.”

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