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Venice Update

News of Venice, CA and Marina del Rey CA

Comments–16 November 2015

Roxanne Brown


Keep Neighborhoods First and Darryl Dufay
New York Times article. Death in Airbnb rental raises liability question.


Simone Ivry
I have few questions re: maintenance yard on Thatcher Ave in Marina Del Rey renovation project.
First of all the height of the fence should be feet (the neighborhood voted for that and had the meeting with councilmen office rep.).
We also would like to address the issue with the huge puddle at the maintenance yard where the machinery staying now. This mentioned above paddle always happens after the rain and stays for weeks. Probably the asphalt condition and drainage should be assessed.
The trees on the property and on the border with my property on 1024 Oxford is on the way and needs special attention to secure the property borders.

Amy Alcon
About the note from Yolanda Gomez on the ruling in Ohio that forced rental property inspections by the city/state are unconstitutional: Someone needs to challenge the forced rental inspections here in LA.

Consider this: a police officer needs a warrant to get into your house; a rental housing inspector should not come in if you, the tenant, wish to keep them out.

If there is nothing amiss with the place you rent; if your landlord takes care of any necessary repairs, as mine does, why do you want to have some guy from the city coming in to invade your privacy?

This is a jobs program instituted by the city, and these inspectors typically justify their jobs by making landlords “fix” a lot of things that are not broken, costing landlords thousands of dollars needlessly.

Sure, if there’s some horrible condition at your place, you could call for inspection. But if you pay your rent on time and have a nice landlord who fixes things, why should you have your home invaded and your landlord monetarily punished for things that aren’t actually dangerous or bothersome?

A landlord and a tenant would need to band together to challenge this, and I would guess (but can’t promise) that Institute for Justice (ij.org) would be interested in taking the case on pro bono. If you and your tenant or landlord are willing to do this, please contact me at adviceamy@aol.com and I will put you in touch with the wonderful civil liberties-defending Institute for Justice. (The tenant would just need to deny the rental inspector access to their residence.)

More here:


Peter Griswold
MANY Triangle residence could deluge this Juan Bartalla with phone calls to irritate him enough to keep those Apartments gates locked closed along Thatcher Street per code. That one project overflows more cars, people and pets than all of Thatcher Street residents.

Wolf Seeberg
Free museum days for November in LA


Kevin Thornton
Offices at 1046 Princeton using Triangle for daily parking.

We’re not sure if there is much we can do about this, but we’ve noticed a sharp increase in the amount of workers from the offices at 1046 Princeton Dr. using Thatcher Ave. and Princeton Dr. for their daily office parking. Typically around 10am all of Princeton Dr. and most of Thatcher will fill up with office workers parking their cars then strolling over to their building for work, usually returning around 6pm. Usually leaving no street parking for residents. I’m not sure there is much we can do, since the only official parking violation is them using the two hour spots all day (which we know are never patrolled).

Keep Neighborhoods First
More on “investor hosts”… When indiv
iduals like Mr. Shatford publicly dismiss city ordinances and people question whether a property is “Airbnb-able,” the challenges become clear.


Jane Morris
Does anyone know what in the world is going on with our mail? I sometimes don’t get it until 9pm…or later! I swear last Friday it came in the middle of the night since as of 11pm it had not come but was there in the box at 10am and then the actual Saturday mail arrived at 6pm. It’s been like this for weeks.

Susan Sawacki

Comment: This is such a sad story. Whoever has the dog, please return it. No questions asked. Just make sure she gets the dog back safely. Puppies and their owners belong together. Susan can’t afford a big reward. The dog is chipped.

Reta Moser
Thanks to Karen Moses and her husband of Dickson and Mark Merritt of Burrell we have $100. Normally, we can collect $200 and make it go along way, but locks and chains eat the budget. Last month with two chains and four locks, it more than depleted all funds.

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