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Venice Update

News of Venice, CA and Marina del Rey CA

601 OFW to be Heard 3 December

601 OFW
601 Ocean Front Walk, as shown, is from Sunset Court walkway on left to building on right and east to the Speedway.

Zoning administrator will hear 601 Ocean Front Walk, 3 December at 9:30 am at West LA Municipal Building, 1645 Corinth Ave, 90025.

601 is seeking a Coastal Development Permit to permit the construction of a 35-foot tall mixed-use building featuring 7,992 square feet of retail, 20,000 square feet of office, and one 800 square-foot dwelling unit, all sited on a 19,195 square-foot lot within the dual-jurisdiction area of the California Coastal Zone, and a Conditional Use to permit deviations from commercial corner establishment/mini-shopping center requirements by allowing on-site tandem parking otherwise not permitted by Section 12.22-A,23(a)(4)(i), and relief from the requirement to landscape all street frontages and perimeters as required by 12.22-A,23(a)(10)(i); and 3) Pursuant to the provisions of Section 11.5.7 of the LAMC, a Project Permit Compliance from the Venice Coastal Zone Specific Plan.

All questions and correspondence should be directed to Zoning Administrator Azeen Khanmalek, 213-978-1336, Azeen.Khanmalek@lacity.org. Reference ZA2015-0102(CDP)(CU)(SPP), ENV2015-1030-MND.

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