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Venice Update

News of Venice, CA and Marina del Rey CA

Comments–2 November 2015

Amy Alcon
Regarding the truly awful removal of arches in front of 57-69 Windward, the building itself is a crime against anyone with eyesight.

Jody Eldred
So sorry to hear about Dorothy Perry but what a long and good life she lived. 98 years. I should be so fortunate.

Pam and I visited with her a while not long after Ed passed away. She was a vibrant, sweet soul.

I liked talking with Ed, often on my way back from a run. He’d be out watering the yard… had great stories of duck hunting in MDR when it was marshlands… that aside from his years in the Merchant Marine in WWII he’d always lived within about a half mile of that house on Oxford… his years as a lifeguard. Loved that he and Dorothy has a long marriage. They were not celebrities in the usual sense of the word, but they were to me…

Roslyn Walker
Comment re “Biker’s Code Amended, Section 21201 of the Vehicle Code,” to have the words “or flashing” removed. When doing my walks and/or driving, those flashing RED and WHITE lights (day or night) make me have to either look away or close my eyes. The non-flashing lights are just as effective and not as disturbing — I would say even dangerous, as they can cause seizures from various sources, including but not limited to photosensitive epilepsy.

Can they correct that amendment? I’ve thought of contacting all manufacturers of those lights, but that’s a big job for me.

Douglas Fay
When Ed & Dorothy Perry moved in across the alley from us into 721 Oxford Ave. in the early 1970s, Dorothy “Dotty” Perry immediately proclaimed me her “Godson by proxy.” As a child, she was my sanctuary. In the over forty years we shared together the worst word that came out of her mouth was “fiddlesticks.” She was the classiest lady I’ve ever known. She loved playing volleyball. We enjoyed playing countless games of cribbage together. The November 8, 10:30 am Mass at St. Marks Church will be dedicated in her honor.

Reta Moser
Mark Ryavec is president of Venice Stakeholders Association, not Venice Neighborhood Council.

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