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320 Sunset Appeal to be Heard 18 November

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West LA Area Planning Commission will hear 320 Sunset 18 November, 4:30 pm, at West LA Parking Enforcement Facility, 11214 Exposition Blvd, LA 90064

Appellants are Jim Murez and Ilana Marosi and others.

The hearing involves an appeal of the Zoning Administrator’s decision to approve a Coastal Development Permit authorizing a change of use of a tenant space from a 4,116 net square-foot bakery with 559 net square feet of retail floor area to a 4,675 square-foot sit-down restaurant with a maximum Service Floor Area of 717 square feet and 559 square feet of retail space located in the single permit jurisdiction area of the Coastal Zone; a Conditional Use authorizing the sale and dispensing of a full line of alcoholic beverages for onsite consumption in a proposed restaurant in the M1-1-O Zone, and; to allow the change of use from bakery and retail use to a sit-down restaurant and retail use with an approved Service Floor Area not to exceed 717 square feet (contained within the restaurant’s interior and the new outdoor dining area).

Contact West LA Area Planning Commission at 213-978-1300 for all pertinent details regarding submittal of written testimony.

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