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Funds Needed to Support VSA Lawsuit to Clean-up Venice Beach

Venice Stakeholders Association (VSA) is seeking contributions to fund its upcoming trial against the City and County of Los Angeles for maintaining a dangerous public nuisance in the Venice Beach Recreation Area and along the Boardwalk.

The VSA recently defeated the City’s and County’s attempts to have the court dismiss their suit and a trial is scheduled for early December.

While the City Attorney and County Counsel are supported by public tax dollars, the VSA on the other hand has to raise every dollar paid to their attorneys.

“The Boardwalk and park next to it have been allowed by the City and County to become a lawless territory, which breeds a lot of crime in the rest of Venice,” said Mark Ryavec, president of the VSA

“All property owners have a legal duty to abate nuisance and crimes that are originating on their property; that’s the essence of the case,” Ryavec said. “So far the judge has agreed that we have credible case.”

“One has only to look at Santa Monica to the north or Marina del Rey to the south to see proof that the City and County can legally stop the camping and illegal storage along the Boardwalk, which would dramatically cut crime in Venice.”

Many Venetians have already contributed over $100,000 to fund the case, but going to trial will be expensive, so the VSA is turning to residents to help defray the costs. All donations are tax deductible.

If you agree the situation along the Boardwalk is a travesty for residents and visitors alike and would like to help the VSA keep up the pressure on the City and County to clean-up Venice Beach, please make a contribution, in any amount.

Checks payable to the Venice Stakeholders Association should be sent to the VSA at 1615 Andalusia Avenue, Venice, CA 90291. Or donations may be made by PayPal to email: venicestakeholders@ca.rr.com.

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