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Venice Update

News of Venice, CA and Marina del Rey CA

1656 Corner Heard Thursday; Two-Week Wait


Case was heard last Thursday. According to Jim Murez, the case is on hold for two weeks waiting for more input.

Basically, what is occurring is the owner of 1656 wants City to give him 5000 plus square feet of land that would in turn eliminate the grand boulevard effect, open space, right turn lane, etc for Venetians.

Write Joey Vasquez at Joey.Vasquez@lacity.org with your comments. Reference ENV-2015-2716-MND and DIR-2015-2813-CDP

Jim Murez, who has been the Venice Blvd spokesperson, sometimes called the “tree man,” had a few things to say in this regard. Hopefully, this will motivate Venetians to write a note to Joey Vasquez and just say “NO” to the give away, if nothing else.

“Basically the council office wants to make a deal to give it to the abutting
owner to avoid a lawsuit,” wrote Jim Murez, not mincing words. “Although there is little to no chance of the City losing, they don’t have anyone on staff to fight it and don’t want to layout the cash for the community. The council office feels revising the landuse plan is a better spending of cash.

“I believe this is the start of what will be a lot more of these cases
although based on this case, I don’t think the other three corners nor any
of the other 40 or so properties will have to file a lawsuit. The City will
just turn the open space over to them without a fight.

“What a crime, it is like when the City gave up all the railroad
right-of-ways in the 1950. Absolutely no insight from our leaders. And the
Mayor claims he is doing a Great Streets program to help communities come together — what BS! “

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