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Venice Update

News of Venice, CA and Marina del Rey CA

Triangle Needs Donations for Graffiti and Locks

Triangle needs anti-graffiti supplies and chain donations for the Oxford Triangle. Anti-graffiti material is for the Triangle area only and the chains are for chains and locks for the four vehicle fire gates within the Triangle. Please donate $25. We want to collect $300.

“Four locks and two chains have been replaced on Thatcher/Princeton gate within the last two months,” said Reta Moser. “Two locks and two chains have been put on within the last two weeks. The last two chains and two locks cost $44. Who is doing it and why is not known. If anyone wants to volunteer to investigate, please let me know.

“Fire department says we should be in charge of locking the gates as long as they have the keys.”

Contact reta moser at retamoser@gmail.com, 310-821-7801.

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