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News of Venice, CA and Marina del Rey CA

Westside Public Education Community Meet, 26 October

Local neighborhood councils are sponsoring a Westside Public Education community meeting Monday, 26 October from 6:30 to 8 pm with elected public officials, education representatives and the community to hear what the plans and visions are for schools in area. The forum will be at Wright Middle School STEAM Magnet, 6550 W. 80th Street, Westchester 90045.

Westside schools are experiencing an increase in number of students presenting problems as to where to put the students. In these areas are charter and public schools and skill centers that are publicly funded.

Confirmed to attend the meeting are California Senator Ben Allen, California Assembly Member Patrick O’Donnell; LAUSD School Board President Steven Zimmer; Cheryl Hildreth, instructional area superintendent of LAUSD Educational Service Center, West; Michelle King, and LAUSD chief deputy, superintendent. Invited but not confirmed are Councilman Mike Bonin, California Assemblymember Autumn Burke, and LAUSD School Board Member Dr George McKenna.

Neighborhood councils sponsoring event are Westchester, Playa del Rey. Playa Vista, Del Rey, Mar Vista, Venice and Westside Village.


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  1. Bizhan Rahbari

    Adult schools’ importance in our communities should not be overlooked.After all,they have been around longer than the k12 programs.Unfortunately, in the struggle for financial resources adult ed. Programs have taken most of the beating; with more than
    80% cut since 2012, which is really ridiculous when they constitute less than half of 1% of the total district budget.Think about that for a minute: a program that until a few years ago was serving over
    400000 adults has been reduced to handling close to 90000 students on a tiny budget.Talk about efficiency! It doesn’t take a genius to figure that out!
    Let’s hope that the involved official will realize how important educated adults are who have to deal with school age children.

  2. […] School officials feel the education department, and they are referring to the outcome of the Westside Public Education meeting 26 October, might result in a recommendation that the charter school take over the Emerson campus and the Emerson students and campus be split into two locations. See meet. […]

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