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Emerson Faculty Lists Reasons They Should Stay

Venice Service Center’s Emerson Adult Learning Center in Westchester has anticipated that the recommendation for placement of additional children in the local area might result in the splitting of the Emerson Adult Learning Center into two separate locations.

School officials feel the education department, and they are referring to the outcome of the Westside Public Education meeting 26 October, might result in a recommendation that the charter school take over the Emerson campus and the Emerson students and campus be split into two locations. See meet.

Members of the Emerson Adult Learning Center, which has been on Emerson Avenue in Westchester since at least the 70′s, do not feel that placing the services and students into separate locations is conducive to the education being provided for these students.

The skills centers provide adult education that is needed within Los Angeles. “High unemployment, homelessness and incarceration should not be the only option for the 40 percent who have dropped out of LAUSD during the past two decades,” they say.

Following is a list of some of the reasons the faculty feel the school should remain where it is:

    Adult school utilizes the campus from 8am – 9pm, accommodating all student schedules.

    Safe environment

    Easy public transportation access

    Five major academic and career training programs are accommodated on one campus

    Students can transition from reading to high school diploma to career training all on one campus.

    Classrooms have been modified to implement the career training programs

    We serve the economically and educationally disadvantaged populations within our area. These people need employment opportunities.

    We provide academic support to hundreds of at-risk high school students each year

The following are reasons the Charter Schools should not take over the Emerson campus:

Charter school will only use the site during the day

The Charter School is only planning to use the site for three years

The elementary school that was here was moved due to the detrimental environmental and health concerns of children being so close to LAX

Charter school children have transportation provided for them

Charter schools should not take precedent over at-risk public school children and adults

Adult school site would need major renovations to accommodate children

Comments (2)

  1. Christine Gallardo

    Emerson Adult Learning Center has been a vibrant community adult school that truly has been influential within the community. The academic programs ALL have waiting lists…we need more classes, more teachers, more support in the form to TA’s, to meet the need! LAUSD needs to be concerned about the future of the students who have dropped out, without the minimal investment in adult education, their future is bleak! Adult Education provides English skills to the largest immigrant population the country, adult education provides literacy and reading to help student then succeed in high school programs. We also provide low cost career training programs that are so needed for the economically disadvantaged! We need your support to keep Emerson at Emerson!

  2. Robert Yorgason

    If Emerson Adult School is taken over by a charter all the Adult School Classes at that site will be closed. There is no room at the Venice Skills Center for additional classes. The VSC parking lot is full. Students are turned away. The students we do have classes cannot find parking. There are days when my students cannot park and just go home. There is a huge demand for Adult Education all over Los Angeles, and especially on the West Side. Many of our students are Parents of LAUSD students. When they succeed their children succeed. One of the best programs at Emerson is the Pharmacy Technician class. Students can take that class and be prepared for employment in 6 months.

    I’m not aware of any current effort to shut down the Venice Skills Center campus. My guess, and it is just a guess, is that if the Emerson take over is successful the Charter companies will be salivating over the possibility of acquiring the Venice Skills Center facility. Remember, we had to fight to keep VSC open before.

    LAUSD’s Adult School program used to have over 600,000 students before former Superintendent Deasy (the man who brought us the iPad scandal) attempted to kill it. The current number is about 10% of that. The demand for classes did not go away. People still want Job Training, English as Second Language, Parenting, High School Diploma, and Adult Basic Skills classes, but LAUSD isn’t providing them. We cannot lose another school site.

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