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Venice Update

News of Venice, CA and Marina del Rey CA

Comments–12 October 2015

Eric Chien
Just an unfortunate reminder for your next update that thieves are in our neighborhood. We had our car burglarized on Stanford last night (Oct 4 night). Unfortunately, we accidentally did not lock it properly. There was nothing to steal, but some sunglasses. Oddly, they also opened the gas cap for some reason, but did not appear to have stolen any gas. Remember to double check you have locked your car doors and never leave anything valuable in your car. The thieves are appear to be just trying every car door to see if they get lucky and they are unlocked.

Comment: People have reported teams going down a street, checking doors. Police said to call. People did but no one came.

Ken Halloway
We had some renters on Carter Avenue who just moved out and put their old sofa out front of their house with a sign that said “Free” on it.

Well – you can guess what happened – it has now become a semi-permanent home for someone, complete with cardboard sides and trash strewn all around it – behind the dry cleaners on Carter.

Could you remind your readers to NOT leave sofa’s or chairs out in front of their homes? Goodwill is right across the street – and if they won’t take it then the City should be contacted for a pickup.

Comment: This is such an important input. Have had several stories regarding this happening and with emphasis on those getting closer to the beach. One article showed a man pushing a lounger in a grocery cart to the beach from a curb site. Many homeowners have asked people not to put items out until the morning of the pickup.

The clue is to call the number on the green, blue, or black garbage cans. Tell operator this is a special pickup. A garbage truck, designed for this type pickup, follows the normal garbage trucks and picks up these items. City has made this very simple … and yet.

Karen Moses
Grey pit bull. See Last item for link to her story.
Lucy the lost dog finally made it home, it’s a sad story that will have a happy ending

Peter Griswold
311 from my phone (Verizon) has never connected to City Hall.
How many others in the triangle cannot call 311?
311 substitute is……… 213-473-3231

Diane Spurlin
The classes I mentioned are for 3rd through 5th grade school children. We host 60 children from a single school on either Tuesday or Thursday mornings from 10am to 12pm. Upon arrival each child receives a pair of binoculars and they are divided into 4 groups of 15.

Each group is assigned a volunteer docent to lead them on the walking tour through the wetlands. Along the way each group stops for 15 minutes at a “station,” manned by one or two more docents.

At the “microscope station” we have two tables set up with 15 ambient light microscopes where the kids study the tiny critters from the intertidal habitat.

At the “ecology station” overlooking the salt marsh we talk about habitat, adaptation and the different plants, birds and animals that we are likely to come across.

At the “restoration station” we ask the kids to help us restore the wetlands by removing introduced grasses and other non-native plants. All the kids love to pull ice plant (the scourge of the wetlands).

The “bird station” is out on Ballona Creek where we have telescopes set up for some superb close-up views of local and migrating birds. At the end of the tour many children tell us it’s “the BEST field trip they’ve ever been on,” especially when the Osprey grabs a fish or the Great Egret attempts to swallow a snake. It’s fun for us too.

We are just finishing up a training session for new docents, so looking forward to beginning the new 2015-2016 session at the end of the month.

Wolf Seeberg
There is no accountability of City departments for water treatment:


No charges for Kardashian fireworks


Internet petitions seem like plastic button pushes that don’t effect reality but it’s a quick way to ask for a humongous idea: inject some sanity into the robots that run our lives.

Our oceans have gotten better over the years but it seems the cleaning facilities have not kept up with peak demand.
It’s just not good enough for taxpayers employees to fake surprise when confronted with their failures.

Make your opinion known by clicking the link and signing the petition to keep the ocean clean.


Roxanne Brown


Comments (3)

  1. reta

    How about a restraining order.

    • Jon Segue

      That’s something we’re considering, along with reporting her for trespassing. We’ve kept her flyers and notes, which have been getting increasingly more demanding. I’m still trying to find out who is letting her into the building.

  2. Jon Segue

    There is a person who keeps entering my secure building trying to harass the residents to support her causes. She leaves notes and pushes papers under our doors, and litters the mail and common areas. This has been going on for over a year now and we are sick of it. What can I do to prevent this person from invading our privacy and being a nuisance? I’m not interested in supporting her and have made that very apparent, but it only seems to make her more persistent. It’s clear she isn’t dangerous so it is not a police matter. Is there anything else I can do?

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