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Venice Update

News of Venice, CA and Marina del Rey CA

Planning to Have STR Meet with Residents

City Planning is providing those on the Westside an opportunity to provide input for a future ordinance regulating short-term rentals (STR). The meet will be Tuesday, 29 September, 6:30 to 8:30pm at the Mar Vista Park Auditorium, 11430 Woodbine St., LA 90066.

Short-term rentals are rentals for fewer than 30 days. They are also called vacation rentals and home sharing. Venice has more or less adopted the term “short-term rental.”

Keep Neighborhoods First and the Historic Venice Canals organizations have been most vocal regarding the STR. What has occurred in many communities in Venice is a block of houses within a neighborhood being rented on a short-term basis. Others have experienced single-family homes being rented and some turned into party houses. Complete buildings have been converted to short-term rentals. Whatever variation, those opposed claim the rights of homeowners to a peaceful, quiet residential neighborhood-type area is at risk.

Councilman Mike Bonin has more or less spearheaded this “development” that is taking place with City Planning. City Planning wants to write rules and regulations regarding short-term rentals.

Residents of Venice should participate and provide input to make sure Planning has what is needed. Remember enforcement is key to any ordinance drafted.

See Voice of Canals Editor Darryl Dufay’s comments at the end.

Following is the City Planning invitation:

The Department of City Planning would like to invite you and your constituents to one of three (quickly) upcoming community listening sessions we are holding on the issue of short-term rentals, sometimes known as home sharing or vacation rentals. Short term rental is generally defined as a residence or room that is rented to a visitor or guest for less than 30 days.

The three meetings will be held in West Los Angeles, North Hollywood and Downtown on September 29th, October 1st and October 3rd respectively. The meetings will be an opportunity to learn about the issue and provide input that will help shape the City’s regulations regarding short terms rentals.

The City Council has directed the Department of City Planning to hold these meetings and then prepare an ordinance governing short-term rentals in Los Angeles. The motion and specific direction can be found attached to Council File 14-1635-S2.

Also, to help us better understand the various ideas and concerns about short term rentals we have prepared a short questionnaire we would encourage the public to complete. Copies will be available at the listening sessions as well.

If you have any questions about the meetings or the issue of short terms rentals, do not hesitate to contact me directly.

Matthew Glesne, Housing Planner
City of Los Angeles Department of City Planning
Policy Planning and Historic Resources Division: Citywide Unit
200 North Spring Street, Room 667, Los Angeles, 90012
matthew.glesne@lacity.org | 213.978.2666

Darryl Dufay’s comments:

Mike Bonin’s long promised community “listening” sessions on Short-Term Rentals have arrived.

Ours is on Tuesday, September 29th at 6:30 in Mar Vista. See information below.

There is a “short Questionnaire” in the e-mail that we MUST all send in. Question 3 is a major clarification of Mike’s original suggestion that owner of homes should just be allowed to rent their single-family residence when they want to. Note: There is some mixing of the words resident/host, but Q. 7 combines the two, which I believe is used in place of Owner.

Question No. 3 raises our major concern about “absentee” owners. Should short term rental be allowed when the residents is away? If you think the resident/host should always be on site whenever it is rented, check “No, not at all.”

Question No. 4 is linked to 3. If you would allow rentals for a number of days when the owner is away, you can choose from a number of days or put in the number of days you would allow in “Other.”

After you complete the Questionnaire, you just hit the Submit button.

Final Comment: The questionnaire has many of the things we put in our Venice Canals “Community Impact Statement” and items that the Venice Neighborhood Council has spoken about, and concerns that have been raised by other people. It is a good effort to get input. How it will be used is another discussion.

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