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Venice Update

News of Venice, CA and Marina del Rey CA

Abbot’s Dream Unveiled

West side of hall.

East side of hall.

Abbot Kinney, the dreamer.

Abbot Kinney had a dream. So did Patrick Marston.
Kinney wanted a Venice. Marston wanted to depict the Kinney dream in a mural for Google.

They both succeeded. Local artist Patrick Marston won Venice Google’s challenge to do a mural for a long hallway in the binocular building on Main.

He envisioned the time setting of the 20th century that Abbot Kinney was dreaming his dream – telephone, radio, airplane, typewriter were all starting and “even basketball” according to Marston.

Marston had an open house Friday night to unveil the mural, which is in two pieces, lining both sides of a long hall. He also showed some of his other works. Marston said he worked the midnight shift to stay out of way of workers.

Denise Fast is giving him a gallery on Washington Blvd at Yale, below her office, to display his art.

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  1. Nicole Valdes

    Endlessly proud of my college friend and art school partner in crime! Those art history all-nighters and studio classes around the clock paid off. You were always so talented!

    Way to follow your dreams Patrick.

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