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Rain and the Oxford Basin …

The County Public Works department spent the day (Tuesday) draining the north-of-Washington side of Oxford as the rain, which started at 3 am, continued, tapering to a drizzle after dawn. The south-of-Washington side of Oxford bubbled thru the sewer caps again.

The north side of Oxford drains into the middle of the basin on the north side of the basin. The south side drains into the basin pump station (east side of basin). One man felt that draining the north side would keep the basin down five feet. It drained down Mildred until the sidewalks were filled and it was draining as far as Wilson (west two streets). One person on Olive offered his Boogie board.

Then about noon, the crew decided to drain it down Harbor Street which turns into Holly court.

The crew did say they were going to put one-way flow restrictors on the Dickson-Oxford drain. This would prevent water from the basin backing up thru the drain at Dickson. It would allow water from Dickson to flow to basin but not reverse. Perhaps, there should be one at Oxford as shown in last photo.

Green hose is removing water from drain on Oxford, north of Washington, and blue is diverting water to Mildred.


Water on Olive rose past the sidewalk to the lawn.

It went two blocks west to Wilson.

This is the alley that turns into Harbor Street and then Harbor Court.

Meanwhile, on the other side of Oxford (south of Washington) water is draining into the Oxford Basin as best it can. The dark area is water not able to go into the basin or backing up from the basin and escaping out the sewer cap and going into the drain. One can see bubbles coming from the sewer cap.

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